Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach

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David M Kleinman. Emma Swanwick and Martyn Matthews. Sylvia Konstantinidou and Chrysoula Chairopoulou. Marie Clare Grant and Mykolas Kavaliauskas. Yael Kallo and Yuri Rassovsky. Breathe Long, Live Long. Thomas Ruediger and Ryan Dombkowski. Joshua P. Bailey, John A. Mercer and Janet S. Tarang Kumar Jain, Clayton N. Wauneka and Wen Liu. Graeme G. Sorbie, Julien S. Baker, Yaodong Gu and U. Chris Ugbolue. Ashlyn M. Hiserote, Cristobal S. Fitzroy J. Edward Nyman, Jr. Holly Blake, Anna L. Roberts, Mark E. Batt and Jonathan P. An 'outside-in' Approach.

David Prologo.

The risk-benefit paradox of exercise | British Columbia Medical Journal

Manuscripts in the Sport and Exercise Sciences. Roger Ramsbottom. Nora L.

Krejci, Emily L. Lazarus, John P. Kirwan, Ellen Heyman and Nathan A. Yusuf Assem and Manit Arora. Claudia L. Gretchen D.

Oliver and Hillary A. Miriam L. Fishman, Jennifer Shea, Brian G. Choi and Allen J. Joseph R Libonati.

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Humphreys and James P Dickey. Hugh H. All articles are fully peer reviewed, free to access and can be downloaded from our ClinMed archive. Journal Menu. For most high-level athletes, injuries involving these anatomical structures takes an average of 38 days for return to sport. Platelet Rich Plasma PRP , is an orthobiologic that is commonly used in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. PRP acts as a catalyst in the healing process by using the patient's own blood to In addition, the female sex is also considered an independent risk factor for functional capacity decline.

When compared to men, women are more affected by senescence due to hormonal changes associated with D, a 32 Chinese gentleman. He is an active in recreational body building exercise for 10 years with an athletic physique. He was diagnosed with prolapse intervertebral disc in the past 7 years however his condition worsening for the past 3 years with multiple episode of severe back pain requiring admission and he develops reduces sensation over left lower limb at L3 and L4 dermatomes associated with reduced motor power in dorsiflexion of ankle and extension of big toe over Numerous studies investigated such effects also in cancer patients.

As most studies were conducted on adults, much less is known in children and adolescents. Moreover, most studies were conducted under laboratory conditions in order to control the duration and intensity of the activity. However, daily life also includes outdoor activities Despite the burdens that obesity and diabetes impose on our society, awareness of the cardiovascular disease as a result, is poor.

What about primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases in our population with obesity and diabetes? To investigate the feasibility in our daily practice of Cardiovascular CV primary prevention in Algerian patients without established cardiovascular disease This test involves linear translation of the tibia on the femur. Meta-analysis and systematic reviews report a wide range of diagnostic accuracy. The purpose of this case report was to establish a proof of concept using a novel device, the Mobil-Aider, to accurately quantify linear translation of the tibia on the femur However, there is little published data on injuries in the Singapore dance population.

Nine dancers underwent anthropometric measurement, dance specific screening as well as Functional Movement Screen FMS. The dancers were interviewed for each injury that developed over a year to establish diagnosis as well as gather data on the circums There are various distance triathlons in which triathletes can compete, including: Sprint, Olympic and half or full Ironman distance. The sport has grown hugely in popularity and had its first introduction into the Olympics in year Its popularity is continuing to increase, according to the British Triathlon Federation the number of triathlon participants in Britain has increa Differences between groups might be associated with acute acupuncture procedure and acquired performance bias.

The procedure of needle acupuncture requires the insertion and manipulation of a fine needle at selected acupoints on the body to induce therapeutic effects. Acupuncture is widely recognised as a treat The aim of this study was to explore the impact of the University College London Hospital UCLH 6-week work-based pedometer challenge on physical activity levels, perceived health status and exercise self-efficacy.

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Secondary aims include investigating changes in weight, BMI and waist circumference We present a young athlete who sustained an ASIS avulsion fracture while playing baseball that was treated with open surgical reduction and fixation using absorbable sutures with an emphasis on mobilizing the TFL t MG performed joint mobility exercises, walking, muscle strength exercises and intermittent activities. SG has performed flexibility exercises with minimal physical effort.

In order to verify the functional fitness, the Senior Fitness Test battery was used and the quality of life was verified In sports science, no research has been carried out in this field up to date.

Primary Care for Sports and Fitness A Lifespan Approach

In consequence, there are no structures for talent scouting in firefighting sports. For an efficient scouting of talents and training in general the necessary conditional and coordinative abilities must be The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to assess whether the amount and frequency of dietary protein intake, and the state of energy balance when consumed, are associated with body composition of collegiate women's socce First, some basic background information on cytokines is provided.

Then, some of our data according to exercise modes and key experimental research on the factors affecting cytokine responses to exercise are explained. Furthermore, the mechanisms and modulations of the cytokine responses are described to understand stress and infla A Group Strength Training GST program design has improved adherence to exercise in primary care patients but the effect is unknown in rheumatology patients. We examined the interest of rheumatology patients with different diagnoses and the effect of comorbidities in pursuing an organized GST program.

We conducted a cross-sectional survey of patients from a rheumatology practice in cent A small decrease in skin temperature after exercise has been related to peripheral vasoconstriction, and this was confirmed in both affected and non-affected shoulders. Nevertheless, it was expected on affected shoulders a lower baseline and after exercise skin temperatures, which was not confirmed, as no significant difference was found between groups. As such, the role of IRT as comp The most significant contributing factor for obesity-related dyslipidemia is likely uncontrolled fatty acid release from adipose tissue, especially visceral adipose tissue, through lipolysis, which causes increased delivery of fatty acids to the liver and synthesis of Very-Low This epidemic of inactivity may lead to health consequences including obesity.

Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach

Pokemon GO led to a minimal but significant initial increase in activity. Although future studies are needed to deter Sinus bradycardia, sinus arrhythmia, first degree atrioventricular block and second degree mobitz type I AV blocks are most common electrocardiographic findings in athlete's heart. In our case we observed first degree atrioventricular block with pathological PR interval values second degree mobitz type I Wenckebach atrioventricular block and accelera These points cause important limitations to athletic performance and daily activities.

For this reason, treatment of these MTrPs are essential in the clinical field and have been addressed by a large number of therapeutic strategies. Therefore, the aim of this review is to analyze treatments available for the MTrPs in the triceps surae and A large cohort of 57, Dutch patients registered with a GP established an annual incidence rate of mid-portion Achilles Tendinopathy as 1.

Therefore, the objective of this study is to analyse what are the causes for the difference in incidence between men and women in terms of ACL ruptures. Through the search in the previ This paper presents the cases of a teenage basketball player with a first rib fracture after stretching, and that of a teenage cheerleader with a first rib fracture from straining to lift another cheerleader.

Both patients became asymptomatic foll Breast injury in female athletes is under-reported and is lacking a much-needed level of awareness in sport. If there is a void in awareness of breast injuries and in reporting breast injuries, preventive Prior to each training session of the HIIT, both groups carried out 4 sets of deep squats wit Greater postflight changes in maximal joint torque were observed for back, knee, and ankle extensors compared with flexors, and the difference was especially clearly seen after long-term However, these agents are still used by certain athletes who wish to accelerate the increase skeletal muscle mass with exercise.

The present findings show that there were significant increases between pre and post-training values for back muscle strength, abdominal muscle strength, spinal ROM and dynamic bala Both macronutrient i. The evidences that were presented are part of studies on physical activity and abdominal fat published in the national and international literature.

Physical activity aerobic and resistance exercises , with a prolonged duration of moderate intensity for men and walking or moderate intensity for women, is suggested as the m The aim of the present study was to assess the effect of a one-week winter camp with an intense alpine skiing program on balance ability of pediatric cancer patients in the follow-up care. Eighteen pediatric cancer patients. Most studies on the effects of physical activity on cancer have been conducted on adults. If you want to focus on money in sports, scroll down to sports marketing topics.

Sports are cool, fashionable and trendy. Still, they are not everything you can write about. Check out our 50 Crazy Pop Culture Topics — provocative but appropriate for the classroom. The author of the article successfully helped students from the toughest English courses in the US and the UK. Sports research paper topics of sociology focus on two things: why do people play sports, and what sports make for society.


Sports are the social activity by the very definition — even when they are not played in the team, they are spectated by other people. Therefore, every sociology idea from the list below will work, regardless of your major. Online event streams, e-sports, viral campaigns with athletes: these are only a few attempts made to convert sports as an industry. Are you ready for some expert stuff? Below, you will find my advanced tips on research idea selection. I can also help you to finish your research paper with Homework Lab tools.

There is a Golden Essay Idea Checklist that is used by our Geeks in their works — it helps to avoid writing crises, lack of information and low grades! Now, you are ready to proceed! All the topics in this article have passed the Golden Checklist and are safe to use. However, if you alter them, it will be necessary to re-check everything. Here is a table with reminders for you. Or, you want to find more information to start off your paper?

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Here are three main websites to keep on the sharp edge of sports research. I used them to compose this list. Visiting this web page may help you to find the urgent topic or the topic you have a particular interest in. Here you could search for articles in the field of sports science that will help you to produce a good paper. In this resource , you could find articles, research reports and statistics on sports.

There are a lot of topics that could be explored using this resource — it will help you to find the most interesting one for you. Crystal Renner on June 19, Contents Clickable. Find My Essay. Uses case studies to demonstrate the clinical application of knowledge. Highlights clinical pearls in boxes throughout the text, when appropriate. Provides patient teaching handouts for both physical fitness and treatment of injuries. Explores the legal issues related to participationin sports programs, particularly in schools. Locates an Index of Disorders on the inside front and back covers for quick access to information.

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Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach
Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach
Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach
Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach
Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach
Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach Primary Care for Sports and Fitness: A Lifespan Approach

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