Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877

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It remains, arguably, the finest Blavatsky biography to date. Since then, the growth of historical studies on theosophy has continued to expand appreciably. The Coulomb-Hodgson Affair reappraisal. Journal Vol. It was a thorough study of the notorious Hodgson report, issued by the Society for Psychical Research SPR in and has since been the primary source of misunderstandings concerning Blavatsky. Harrison concluded that the report's "errors of procedure, its inconsistencies, its faulty reasoning and bias, its hostility towards the subject and its contempt for the 'native' and other witnesses, would have become apparent; and the case would have been referred back for further study.

The SPR also issued an accompanying press release in which a long-standing member of the S. Beloff states: "Whether readers agree or disagree with his conclusions, we are pleased to offer him the hospitality of our columns and we hope that, hereafter, Theosophists, and, indeed, all who care for the reputation of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, will look upon us in a more kindly light.

The New Millenium. After this early watershed which witnessed a major paradigm shift, interest in Blavatsky continues to grow steadily.

Gary Lachman's biography is arguably the first reasonably neutral and objective mainstream Blavatsky biography. He states in an interview:"I think people think they know who and what HPB was about already, and accept the cliches and stereotypes about her, without really looking into who she actually was.

My book tries to redress this misunderstanding. A selective survey of areas of influence. What follows is an attempt at a brief sketch of some of the main areas. In her program to divide speculative learning into esoteric and exoteric, truth and religion, the Gnostics were an obvious opposition to what she called "Churchianity. Coulton, W. Inge, and Madame Blavatsky. Major astrology figure Alan Leo was a theosophist and met Blavatsky as well.

According to Michael R. The Astrology of Relationships ,London Continuum, p. It may be impossible scientifically to prove the validity of that claim; it is as impossible to prove it was a hoax, considering the quite outstanding individuals who had firsthand experiential knowledge of the validity of her assertions. Even more convincing is the astounding character of the contents of her large books, especially The Secret Doctrine, which no ordinary mind could have produced without passing dozens of years studying and collating an immense mass of verifiable documents in many great libraries.

At the same time, it is evident that H. Blavatsky, the woman, spent her life away from universities and national libraries. Buddhism Blavatsky has received a number of endorsements from several noted Asian Buddhists and scholars. Blavatsky H. Alice Cleather and Basil Crump. Peking: Chinese Buddhist Research Society, Undoubtedly, Madame Blavatsky had in some way been initiated into the deeper side of Mahayana teachings and then gave out what she deemed wise to the Western world as theosophy.

Centenary edition. Santa Barbara: Concord Grove Press, Sri Lankan academic, scholar and diplomat, Dr G. Olcott , and Madame H. Blavatsky arrived in Colombo. In , they established the headquarters of this syncretistic religious movement in India.

Means and Myths of Transmission in Western Esotericism

On arriving in Colombo, they appeared to embrace Buddhism publicly taking the refuges and precepts, thus giving a great confidence-boost to some Buddhists, due to their being Westerners". Labels: history , influence. Western Esotericism. There was a bit of a breakthrough academic work on Blavatsky, in the field of western esotericism, by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke: "Widespread dissatisfaction with the hegemony of science in Western culture and its preoccupation with the concrete, the factual, and the substantive interacted with a lack of confidence in traditional Christianity, itself undermined by the very progress of scientific explanation.

Theosophy, in the strict meaning of the movement founded by H. Blavatsky, addressed these concerns in a progressive way. While spiritualism a major movement from the mids alleged survival after death, Theosophy located human destiny in an emanationist cosmology and anthropology that have their roots in both Neo-Platonism and Oriental religions.

She is considered an important figure in the history of alternative spirituality: " Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Buried in the sprawling bulk of her two major books With all criticisms weighed up against her, HPB stands forth as a seminal talent of our time At the same historical moment that Freud, Pavlov, and James had begun to formulate the secularized and materialist theory of mind that has so far dominated modern Western thought, HPB and her fellow Theosophists were rescuing from occult tradition and exotic religion a forgotten psychology of the superconscious and the extrasensory.


Blavatsky, Dostoevskii, and Occult Starchestvo

Madame Blavatsky may be credited with having set the style for modern occult literature. Madame Blavatsky The Theosophical Society, which she cofounded, has been the major advocate of occult philosophy in the West and the single most important avenue of Eastern teaching to the West. Interfaith Dialogue.

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The society insists that it is not offering a new system of thought, but merely underscoring certain universal concepts of God, nature and man that have been known to wise men in all ages and that may be found in the teachings of all the great religions. Emphasis is placed on mystical experience.

A distinction is made between inner, or esoteric, and outer, or exoteric, teaching. It is said that all the historic world religions contain inner teaching which is essentially the same, despite external differences. This teaching is monistic in character, suggesting an underlying all-encompassing unity. This modern and inclusive science is thus merely rediscovering what ancient sages already knew; insights that they expressed, for instance, through the cryptic symbolism that one finds in Indian scriptures.

Atlantis and Ancient Civilisations. Garry W. Theosophy offered the historically rare case of a male founder being overshadowed by his female counterpart, and the equally rare case of women having formal religious authority. Henry Steel Olcott was the first president of the TS, but there would have been no Theosophy without the fertile mind of his co-founder Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. More specifically, she describes the suppression of women as typical of all religions, but as taken to the extreme by Christianity.

Social Causes. Historian Diana Burfield, in an early article about Theosophy and gender, notes that Theosophical notions of brotherhood, sexual equality, progress, perfectibility, and tolerance were in harmony with socialist and feminist ideals Burfield Historian K. Mohandas K. It is Hinduism at its best. Theosophy is the Brotherhood of Man. Judge on the relationship between and the function of the Adept , Katinka Hesselink.

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The Theosophist , Volume 1 Oct. Blavatsky and the Theosophists , , by Vera P. Zhelihovsky, translated from the Russian, Blavatsky Study Center. Blavatsky Unveiled! Character Sketch of Madame Blavatsky , by H. Comments by H. Sinnett, Theosophy Northwest. Concerning H.

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Blavatsky and the Theosphical Movement' by Charles J. Facts about "The Secret Doctrine" , , by G. Comments on this by H. N Stokes: The "Memory" of Mr. Mead , and Mr. Henry Kiddle and the Mahatma; or, H. Historical Material about H. Blavatsky and the Mahatmas , Blavatsky Study Center. Carrithers, Jr, The Blavatsky Foundation. Knoche, , Theosophy Northwest.

The Secret Doctrine - Audio Book - 2/4

Blavatsky and K. Paul Johnson , compiled by Katinka Hesselink. Knoche, Sunrise , Theosophy Northwest. Blavatsky and the SPR. Blavatsky and the Theosophical Movement. Ryan, Second and revised edition, , edited by Grace F. Blavatsky: The Mystery , by G. Blavatsky, Tibet and Tulku, by Geoffrey A. Barborka - excerpts , , Theosophical Society in America [pdf file]. Blavatsky's Cultural Impact , by I. Oderberg, Sunrise , Theosophy Northwest. Carrithers, Jr, The Blavatsky Foundation [pdf file]. Blavatsky versus C.

Memorabilia of H. Missing "Transactions" by H. Blavatsky Discovered , by Daniel H. Thackara, from Theosophical History with additional material, Theosophy Northwest. Overture and Opener of the Way , by W. Blavatsky, Theosophy Northwest. Reminiscences of H. Sunrise Special Issues on H. Blavatsky, , , , , Blavatsky Study Center. The Theosophical Society and H. Patterson With Notes by H. Jaqua, Blavatsky Study Center.

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Why Take Blavatsky Seriously? The Campbell Theosophical Research Library. The Theosophical Society in Australia Home.

Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877 Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877
Isis unveiled: collected writings vol 1-2, 1877

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